Frequently Asked Questions

What are your gun safety requirements while on the property?2022-01-25T13:35:22-05:00

All firearms must be unloaded and transported in a safe manner when not actively in use.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the property?2022-01-25T13:57:47-05:00

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during shoots or hunts at any time.

Do you have guns available for our use or do we need to bring our own?2022-01-25T13:53:25-05:00

We sometimes have a limited number of guns available for our visitors. Please contact us prior to your visit.

Is the property accessible to people with mobility issues?2022-01-25T13:24:17-05:00

Yes, we have designed the course so that it is accessible to most patrons including those with mobility issues. If you have specific concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your specific questions.

Can you help me with Catering & Accommodations for my private event?2022-01-25T13:08:43-05:00

Yes, our Events coordinator can assist you with hiring a caterer or private chef as well as area accommodations.

How many attendees are allowed at Private Events?2022-01-25T13:11:09-05:00

Our lodge can accommodate approximately 10 guests. Our outdoor facilities typically accommodate around 50 guests. Please contact our Events coordinator for more information.

Can a non-member have a Private Event at LHSC?2022-01-25T13:12:33-05:00

Yes, we are happy to host your event even if you are not yet a member. Please contact our team for more information.

Can I bring my own UTV/Quad to use on the property?2022-01-25T13:17:10-05:00

Yes, you may bring UTVs or Quads for use on the property while hunting or using our clays course. We ask that our guests remain on the pathways and take care not to disturb the natural habitats. Dirt bikes and recreational four-wheelers are not allowed at any time.

Can I bring Guests if I’m the only one shooting?2022-01-25T13:18:51-05:00

Yes, guests are welcome to accompany shooters.

I’ve never done this before. How do I Get Started?2022-01-25T13:20:35-05:00

We welcome new shooters to our property and will be happy to provide an Instruction lesson during your first visit.

How do I access LHSC after becoming a Member?2022-01-25T13:25:55-05:00

Members are provided with a gate code in order to access the property at their convenience.

How large is the Property? How do we access all areas?2022-01-25T13:30:21-05:00

LHSC is comprised of about 700 acres of timber and wildlife habitat. Our most commonly utilized areas are easily accessed from Lovic Davis road with ample parking available. A limited number of golf carts are available upon request at our Clays Course.

Do you limit the number of members you have?2022-01-25T13:32:17-05:00

While we don’t have set membership limits at this time, we do take steps to ensure that all members have access to the facilities when desired.

Do I need a Hunting License?2022-03-12T13:14:38-05:00

Yes, a Georgia Hunting License is required. Georgia DNR offers a 2-year preserve hunting license for residents and non-residents. Please visit Georgia Dept of Natural Resources to apply.

Do you have Bird Cleaning facilities?2022-01-25T13:36:52-05:00

Guides on guided hunts will clean and package all harvested birds.

Do you sell Ammunition at the Club?2022-02-01T11:05:36-05:00

Yes, we sell 12 GA and 20 GA steel shells at market price to our members and guests. We do not sell ammunition to the general public.

What size & type of shot do you recommend?2022-01-25T13:41:00-05:00

We require steel shot at all times on the clays course. We recommend #7 shot and a choke of no more than cylinder or improved.

Do you offer any Introductory Hunts for beginners?2022-01-25T13:42:07-05:00

Our guides are experience with instructing beginners and will be happy to offer assistance during your first Guided Hunt.

Can I bring my own dog to hunt with me?2022-01-25T13:44:03-05:00

Personal dogs are permitted during self-guided hunts. However, our guides will provide dogs during Guided Hunts. If you have a specific need, please contact us prior to your visit.

How many birds can be Harvested?2022-01-25T13:45:12-05:00

Typically, we release approximately 15 birds/person on guided hunts. There are no bag limits for self-hunts.

I’ve never shot before. Do you provide gun instruction?2022-01-25T13:52:15-05:00

Our team can provide introductory gun & safety lessons upon request. Please contact us prior to your visit.

How do I reserve the facility for a Private Event?2022-01-25T13:54:20-05:00

Please contact our Events coordinator to check availability and schedule your event.

Do you require a Waiver of Liability?2022-01-11T13:12:48-05:00

Yes, a completed & signed Waiver of Liability is required for all members & guests.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?2022-01-25T13:55:17-05:00

Yes, we sell Gift Certificates in any amount, and they are valid for up to two years from date of purchase.

Do you provide Golf Carts? How old do you have to be to drive?2022-01-25T13:55:54-05:00

Yes, we provide Golf Carts for the use of our visitors and their guests while on the property. Drivers must be 16 years of age or older.

Why is Steel Shot required on the Clays Course & 5 Stand?2022-01-11T13:13:01-05:00

Land conservation and habitat preservation is important to us. We require steel shot and bio-degradable clays to prevent many of the problems associate with lead shot.

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